Exercise is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. However, how you fuel and recover your body can make a significant difference in your performance and gains. Shilajit, a wonder substance from the Himalayas, is increasingly being recognized for its potential benefits in enhancing exercise performance.

Red Blood Cells and Energy

Shilajit is known to aid in the formation of red blood cells, which are crucial for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. This could potentially improve your performance and reduce muscle soreness post-exercise.

Shilajit and Mitochondrial Function

The fulvic acid component in Shilajit plays a role in mitochondrial function, the powerhouse of cells. Improved mitochondrial function could mean enhanced energy levels and better endurance.

Benefits for Muscle Mass

Shilajit supplementation has been found to be beneficial in increasing muscle mass when combined with a workout regime. It also helps in the faster recovery of muscles, reducing soreness and fatigue.

Side Effects and Precautions

Although Shilajit is generally considered safe, it may have side effects like dizziness or increased heart rate. It is advisable to consult your healthcare provider before adding Shilajit, especially if you're on other medications.


Shilajit has shown promise in improving physical performance and recovery, but consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice, especially if you have existing medical conditions.